13/09 English Menu

Brasserie Elverket
OYSTERRACE.. 29/5-1/6 15KR/PCE
Imma (Limoncello, Tanqueray Gin, Lemon juice) 125
Negroni (Gin, Campari & Martini Rosso) 10cl 145
Dry Martini made from local Stockholm gin, Stockholms Bränneri 145

Bites & Starters
Oysters “Fine de Claire” #2 pce 25, ½ dz 129, dz 239
Pimientos de Padrón 95 // with Parmesan cheese 105
Swedish buffalo mozzerella w basil oil, balsamic vinegar roasted tomato & bred crisp ½ 125 1/1 195
Citrus marinated Fröya salmon, dillmayonaise, black radish, enokimushroom and lettuce 125
White asparagus, poached egg, artichoke foam and crisp 145
Steak tartar with leak-balsamico mayo, potato crisp, truffle pecorino and capers ½155 1/1 235
Charcuterie: Choose from 50g of Lomo, cured filet of porc, Spain 150, Morcilla, blood sausage, Spain 125 or jamon Ibérico Bellota 36mths, Spain 175 or all three 295
Tonights cheese: 85/125

Moules Marinières, fries & mayonnaise 169/249
Cod with browned butter foam, yellow beet puré, seaweed salad and horseradish 275
Fried Seabream on the bone, asparagus-cauliflower, roasted pebreaioli and salicorne 265
Classic meatballs with mash, cream gravy, cucumber & lingonberries 189
Our own Iberico sausage w. manchego-sweetpotatocroquetas, artichokecream, padrones and jus 225
The house burger with pickled cucumber, triple cheese, black bean garlic-chilimajo,
beer infused onion & fries 215
Swedish farm spring chicken, tarragonbutter, fresh onions, Romanesco, ramsonemulsion
and new potatoes with smoked paprikasalt (20 min) 255

Mushroom risotto, grilled green asparagus, parmesan chips & italian summer truffle 215
Pulled jackfruit burger with smashed avocado, beetroot crisp, pepper jack cheese and green chili dressing 195

To share
Clubsteak 900gr from Tarby farm, bearnaise, red wine sauce, smoked garlic-marrow butter, beans & pommes confit, for two p 695, three or more, add 50/pp please note ca 40min prep. time

Le combo Français: Calvados, ice cream & espresso 115
Mandarine Brûlée 85
Coffeecaramel icecream, strawberries & lemon crisp 115
Infused rhubarb with burned white chocolate and vanilla-amondyoghurtcream 115
Homemade ice cream or sorbet: ask for today’s flavors 35/scoop
Chocolate truffle 35

www.brasserieelverket.se Linnégatan 69, Stockholm. Allergic? Or other requests, please ask the staff.
We are a cash free restaurant / Don’t miss VINVERKET, our little sister-wine bar on Norrtullsgatan 24!