13/09 English Menu

Brasserie Elverket


HT (Hendrick’s Gin, Cucumber & tonic) 145
Imma (Limoncello, gin & lemon juice) 125
Negroni (gin, campari & rosso) small 125/ proper 175
Tonight’s craft beer on tap / daily price
Apple Juice from Pomologik 33cl 0,0% 59

Pimientos de Padrón (V) 95
Grilled levain bread w creamed chantarelles 129
Burrata di Andria (mozarella) with marinda tomatos, basil oil & balsamico (L)150
Oysters fin de Claire, Normandy France 1/2dz 129 dz 239
Fried anchois w capers mayo & lemon 120
Cracker bread pizza bianco w Kalix roe, crème fraiche, leek & matured “präst” cheese 169
Grilled Pulpo (octopus) w chorizo, beans, black aioli & harissa mayo 115
Steak tartar “Royale” on sourdough bread w roe, truffle mayo & grated wästerbotten cheese 90gr/145 160gr/229
Pata Negra Iberico, Spain’s finest ham 139
Charcuterie board, assorted cold cuts 155

Moules Marinières, fries & mayonnaise 169/249
Salad w beets, apple, dill, w grilled tuna, poached egg & an onion-tsatziki 195
Plaice on the bone w browned soy-butter, marcona almonds, sweet peas 235
Homemade meatballs with cream gravy & lingonberries 189
Rib eye from veal w pickled chantarelles, “kroppkakor” & parmesan cheese 255
Our house burger, cheddar cheese, smoked side of porc, sour cream & fries 198

Tofu burger cucumber-cabbage pickles, tomato-szechuan sauce & sweet potato fries 189

Le combo Français: Calvados, ice cream and espresso 115
Coconut brulé w roasted pine apple 10
Strawberrys, lemon marscapone & cookie crumbles 95
Homemade ice cream or sorbet 35/scoop
Raspberry-licorice fudge 35

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