13/09 English Menu

Brasserie Elverket
Imma (Limoncello, Tanqueray Gin, Lemon juice) 125
Swegroni (Beefeater Gin, Campari & Björk (an aperitif made from Swedish birch sap) 145
Surfer’s (dark rum, ginger, chili & lemon) 145
GT non-alc! 59
Tonight’s craft beer and Real Ale on tap / daily price

Bites & Starters
Pimientos de Padrón (V) 95
Oysters “Fine de Claire”, Normandy, France pce 25, ½ dz 129, dz 239
Mozzarella from Cow’s milk, Ängsholmens dairy Sweden, basil oil, bred crisp & balsamico pearls 125
Shrimps & mayo on buttered toast w wasabi caviar, yellow beets & pickled onion 135
Soft shell crab ”tempura” with cucumber salad and togarashimayo 125 125
Steak tartar with horseradish mayo, mustard seeds, cucumber, baked egg yolk & beetroot chips ½155 1/1 235
Charcuterie. Choose from smoked deer from Vadstena, Spinata Calabra, salami from southern Italy or Bayonne ham from the French pays Basque. 105kr for 50g or all three 295kr.

Moules Marinières, fries & mayonnaise 169/249
Cod filet with roasted potatoes, whitefish roe, pickled onions, sourcream, västerbotten cheese and butter 295
Grilled swordfish & a red shrimp with lime-pickle crème fraiche and chili-parmesan broccoli 235
Classic meatballs with cream gravy, cucumber & lingonberries 185
The house burger with pepper jack cheese, smoked side of pork, homemade mustard,
beer infused onion & fries 215
Grilled beef 300gr, French milk cow, parmesan-limebutter, dried tomato, red wine sauce and
roasted potatoes 345

To share
Côte du boeuf, ca 900gr, sauce bearnaise, red wine sauce, salad dijonaise, dried tomato and roasted potatoes
(Ca 30-45min serves 2-3 p) 695

Swedish falafel, herbs-cucumber salad, roasted onion, smoked potato crème, red kale & tomato-plum salsa 195
Black bean burger with chipotle-tofu dressing, pickled zucchini, oyster mushroom & sweet potato fries 195

Le combo Français: Calvados, ice cream & espresso 115
Hazelnut Brûlée 85
Mangosorbet with orangecrumble, cocoaflame and raspberrycrème 115
Homemade ice cream or sorbet, ask for today’s flavors 35/scoop
Chocolatetruffle 35

www.brasserieelverket.se Linnégatan 69, Stockholm. Allergic? Or other requests, please ask the staff.
We are a cash free resta