13/09 English Menu

Brasserie Elverket 20yrs!!!!

Imma (Limoncello, Tanqueray Gin, Lemon juice) 125
Negroni (Beefeater Gin, Campari & Martini Rosso) 145
Tonight’s craft beer on tap / daily price
Apple juice from Pomologik (33cl, 0,0%,) 59

Pimientos de Padrón (V) 95
Grilled levain bread w creame chanterelles 129/179
Oysters fine de Claire, Normandy, France pce 25 ½dz 129, dz 239
Scallops with pickled avocado & lobster mayonaise 129
Crisp bread pizza “bianco” with roe, crème fraiche, leek & matured cheese 169
Steak tartar with roasted peppers, chili mayonnaise, parmesan & potato crisps 90/gr 145, 160g/229
Pata Negra Ibérico, Spain’s finest ham 139
Charcuterie board, assorted cold cuts 155
L’escargots Provencale (L) 115

Moules Marinières, fries & mayonnaise 169/249
Salad w grilled tuna, beets, apple, dill, poached egg & onion tzatziki 195
Halibut with fried Jerusalem artichoke, beets, & pumpkin crème 275
French farm chicken with carrots, chèvre crème & jus (20 min preparation) 225
Homemade meatballs with cream gravy, cucumber & lingonberries 189
Rib eye from veal w pickled chanterelles, potato dumplings & parmesan cheese 255
The house burger w Swedish cheese, smoked side of pork, sour cream dressing & fries 198

To share
Côte de Boeuf on the bone from Galicia, min 800g, served with brown butter bearnaise, roasted broccoli, piementos de Padròn & sweet potato (20 min preparation) 695

Soup of Jerusalem artichoke with a mushroom canneloni & pickled pumpkin 189

Le combo Français: Calvados, ice cream & espresso 115
Coconut pannacotta w roasted pineapple 110
Cloud berries, almond cake & white chocolate crème 110
Chocolate-nutfondant with blackberry sorbet 125
Homemade ice cream or sorbet, ask for today’s flavors 35/scoop
Raspberry-licorice fudge 35
CHEESE Brie cheese from Hansjö, Orsa Dalarna, Swe. with green tomato jam 85

www.brasserieelverket.se Linnégatan 69, Stockholm utskr. 2017-10/10
Allergic? Or other requests, please ask the staff